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Goo.gl Does QR Codes - Jun 2011

URL shorteners are pretty handy, especially for shrinking those URLs that are frustrating when you have to type them in full into your phone. Well Googles URL shortening service has taken it to the next level by displaying a QR for your shortened URL's.

URL Shorteners are useful in situations when only a small number of characters are available and you need to get a message across, Twitter is a good example limiting your tweets to 140 characters. Sending an SMS to a friend that contains a long URL can also be frustrating. Using these URL shrinking services saves a lot of valuable characters and makes a lot more room for other content within the message. There is a small problem though, they often contain random and uncommon strings of text which aren't always easy to type into a phone.

Goo.gl has come to the rescue. It's never been rich on features, but true to Google it offers what's needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Google recently integrated QR codes into this service. There are 2 ways you can view the QR Codes for your shrunken URLs. If your logged into your Google account you can look over historic URLs and simply clicking "details" will so shows you a QR code you can scan on your phone. This saves you having to type anything at all on your device.

Goo.gle Picture

Not only can you view the QR Codes there, but should you append ".qr" to the end of your URL, Google will provide you with just the QR Code linking to your URL.

Lets take the following as an example. I've shortened qrcode.meetheed.com to Goo.gl/SLig6. If you give that link a click you will be redirected back into qrcode.meetheed.com. Now all I need to do in order to gather the QR Code is append ".qr" to the end of the Goo.gl URL. So the following URL goo.gl/SLig6.qr will present me with a QR Code that i can scan with my barcode reader.

Goo.gle Picture You can also use this URL (the one above ending .qr) to embed an image directly into your web page. If you use this URL as the source of the image, your QR Code will be loaded. I've embedded goo.gl/SLig6 as the source of the QR Code to the right..


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