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3 in 1 QR Code Sculpture - Mar 2012

People are not satisfied with QR Codes just being 2D, they're often unappealing. Artist Frank Haase has included QR Codes in his artwork for a number of years now but recently took things to the next level.

Haase has created a sculpture which cleverly combines 3 QR Codes in the one design. The sculpture is an acrylic cube with black balls embedded. The cube sits atop a pyramid and forms the peak of the pyramid. It leaves 3 transparent sides exposed. When viewed from each side, the balls within align to create 3 different scannable QR Codes.



Haase hasn't just created this for fun, there's meaning in his artwork. It's based on a religious theory and represents the Trinity and the concept of "Father", "Son" and "Holy Spirit".

It's not the first time Haase has created a multi-dimensional QR Codes sculpture. He created a 2 in 1 QR Codes sculpture that represents the boundary posts that used to mark the border between East and West Germany. When viewed from the 2 angles, the dots within the cube align and can be decoded as “OST” (east) and “WEST”.


His own views on the project can be found on his website but be warned, if you don’t speak German you may need to fire up Google translate.


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