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Connecting Through QR Codes - Feb 2012

You will all be familiar with QR Codes that are used on posters, magazines or even on business cards. How about wearing one on your T-shirt? This year at Heineken's Open’er Music Festival, QR Codes were used to help people connect with each other.

Heineken have been the title sponsor for the Open'er Festival for the last 10 years and the festival is seen as being somewhat brand focused. Heineken wanted people to engage with each other and to add a bit more fun in the process and so the "U-Code" was born.

Each code contained whatever the person wearing it wanted it too. This could range from contact details to a cheeky message.

In order to create your free code you had to visit a Heineken tent that contain the required hardware (printers, stickers and PC's as well as some support staff) fill in your details and print your sticker. Just wearing the sticker was an invitation for someone to spark a conversation even if they never did scan the code.

Check out the promotional video embedded below

The demand for the U-Codes was double what Heineken had originally forecasted and looks to have been an astounding success. Its certain this won't be the last time we see this sort of approach.


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