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Subway Using QR Codes In Store - Dec 2012

Subway Logo Subway Sandwiches is allowing its customers to ditch their Subway card and instead use a QR Code within an App on their smartphone to make payment. The process is simple and each user installs an App. on their device that then connects to their Subway account. The App. displays a QR Codes with their card number/account number included that the user can open and display on their screen at any time.

Simply holding the smartphone in front of a scanner has the same effect as swiping your Subway card. What better way to ensure you always have your card with you. Of course, in the future its likely NFC or a similar RFID based technology will be standardised and implement in a similar way. See also: QR Code News - Are QR Codes Soon To Be A Thing Of The Past?.

Subway are not the first to start using barcodes on Smartphones instead of store card, Something very similar is also available in Starbucks only making use of a traditional 2D barcode instead. The data that needs to be presented for identifying a customer is small and so a 2D barcode is more than capable.

As well as replacing your card with a QR Codes, Subway also offer free games and treats through QR Codes scattered around their stores and special offers. Scanning the codes in store allows you to benefit from the offer.


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