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QR Codes On Clothes - Dec 2012

OK so its started, clothing manufacturer's feel there is enough interest in QR Codes to start printing a personal QR Code on your clothes. Are people really that willing to make their personal data so easily available to passers by? Its all a bit geeky but maybe it will catch on.

QRTribe are the people responsible. They are currently making T-Shirts, bags and hoodies with your personal QR Code in the design.

This isn't a gimmick, the idea is that if someone was to scan the code, it would take them to a personalized webpage containing your details and links to all your social networks. Check out some of the clothing below, on the plus side it remains relatively stylish.

But the question remains, what if you don't want everyone being able to easily gather your details? Say you're in a crowded place, most of you probably wouldn't want anyone with a smartphone being able to look you up? Obviously it has its advantages for anyone looking for love.

This isn't the first time we have seen people wearing QR Codes, take British Volleyball players Zara Dampney, and Shauna Mullin who while preparing for the London Olympics 2012, took to wearing QR Codes on their bottoms.


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