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Tattoo Artist Advert Tests Skills - Jul 2013

Tattoo Add

A very interesting Job advert has appeared that uses QR Codes to help filter out applicants who don't have the right skills even before they apply.

The advert is for a position in a tattoo parlour and the idea behind the advert is that it tests an applicants ability to sketch with a high degree of accuracy even before they can apply for the position. The advert does this by giving the potential applicant a template for a QR Code. As the advert is presented, the QR Code template is not readable by a scanner (You can get a bit more detail on why that might be here)

The advert appears in newspapers and states that Tattoo artists are required and if anyone would like to apply, they have to fill in the QR Code by hand to make it readable to a QR Code Scanner, thus demonstrating a critical skill early in the application process.

Tattoo Add 2 Applicants must then colour in the QR Code template as accurately as possible and only when completed, can it be scanned. When they do scan it, they get additional details on how to apply for the position.

Given the accuracy needed when creating a tattoo, the filling in of the QR Code is a great way to test an applicant has the accuracy and patients to go to the next stage of the interview process, If you can’t fill it in, you need not apply.


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