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Chrome iOS App Gets QR Reader - Feb 2017

Very recently Google updated the chrome for iOS App to include a built in QR Code Scanner. This means users no longer need a standalone QR Code scanning App on their device... well maybe not in some instances.


We did some testing with the QR Scanner built into chrome and it looks like it can read most QR Codes, but what it can do with the data it reads is quite limited. It seems the feature has a very specific design and that is to be used for scanning URLs into the Chrome Browser.

When you scan a QR Code, no matter the content of the code, it appears the QR Code reader simply sends the string of data straight into the chrome browser to be processed. For emails and calendar, Google can take care of those so long as you use Google Email and Google Calander. And for a URL, that works well too. But for other data types such as a contact card, if doesn't seem to be able to do anything with the data it reads other than search Google (as of Feb 2017 that is).

Long Press

So it seems that at least for now, it's wise to keep your own dedicated QR Code scanning App on your device.

How Do You Access The Scanner?
It's pretty simple, if you have an iPhone supporting 3D touch, then a long press of the Chrome icon should give you access to a submenu. From there you can select QR Code scanner which opens up the scanning screen ready to scan. If your iPhone doesn't have 3G Touch, then search your apps for "QR" and you should see a result for Google Chrome appear.

Is This Coming For Android?
We've no idea, it's uncommon for new features to appear outside of Googles own platforms first, but there are inherent challenges with Android given the diversity of devices and specifications it can be running on. This may make it more difficult to launch this feature. Or maybe Google have other plans for Android which involve adding this feature at an OS Level rather than just from within the browser. We can only wait and see.

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