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QR Codes & Adult Entertainment

First of all, this isn't that sort of website…. So you won't find any adult content here. But on this page we will briefly discuss instances where QR Codes are being used within the adult industry to drive engagement with users. If you don't want to read ahead, try looking at What's A QR Code? instead, or if you want something a bit more technical, try The Technical Stuff

As we have discussed widely on this website, QR Codes offer a seamless link often from the physical world into the digital world, and because a QR Code scanner can simply be an App. on a smartphone, almost everyone can decode a QR Code. This brings many opportunities and many companies are using them to drive engagement with their users.

The adult industry is no exception and in some ways can benefit from the technology or make the experience of accessing content easier or more interesting for a user. After all, a smartphone is most likely to be the scanning device and is a very personal device, with a screen designed for single user use.

Some examples of how QR Codes are being used are listed below:

  • Images of people holding a QR Code are displayed online, these images are not revealing but instruct the user to scan the QR Code in the image to see more. One doing so, this then takes the user to a URL where they may be presented with a more intimate version of the image as well as some advertising content.
  • This is similarly seen in physical media such as magazines where the incentive to scan the code is linked to revealing what may lie beneath.
  • Where images are used as teaser images with additional content promised when the user scans the link.

There are obvious risks with scanning these codes, a lot of which are discussed in the technical pages here. But the main risk is that as with any QR Code, the user does not know the destination URL before they scan the QR Code, and therefore the contents of the code they are scanning could take them to a malicious of phishing website, it may also take them to a website containing content they were not expecting.


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