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Can I See Some Examples Of QR Codes?

QR Codes hold many different types of data, While with the naked eye you can’t tell what type of data a QR Code holds, your QR Code scanner can and will process data differently based on its data type. This page contains examples of some of the more common data types which you can test on your QR Code scanner.
You will notice that the different types of data behave in different ways, for example if the code contains a URL, the scanner is able to launch your browser with that URL. If it contains contact details then It can save them directly to your address book, This versatility offers a variety of uses for QR Codes.
If you cant find the type of code your looking for, try searching Google
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QR Calander Example Calendar Events QR Contact Example Contact Information
QR Email Example Email Address QR Geo Location Example Geo Location
QR Phone Number Example Phone Number QR SMS Example SMS
QR Text Example Text QR URL Example URL
NOTE: Not all of the above data types are supported by all barcode scanners. For example the “Barcode Scanner” app on Google android (as of 28/10/2009) will not decode all Calendar Events. Only all day events will work. All other types of code work.

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