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What Are The Maximum Dimensions Of A QR Code? - Feb 2017

The physical dimensions of a QR Code technically have no limit. A QR Code can be made as small or large as the creator requires.

When deciding the physical size of a QR Code, the only thing the designer needs to keep in mind when considering the physical size to use is where the QR Code is intended to be placed and how far away users will be from it.

If the designer planned to place the QR Code on a bus stop but made an extremely small QR Code, it may become difficult to scan without the user standing inches from the QR Code. At the opposite end of the scale, making a 6ft QR Code that is going on a supermarket shelf, would be almost impossible to use for anyone standing right in front of it. Place that same large QR Code on a sign hanging from the store roof and due to users now being kept at a much further distance, it would work well.

The amount of data that a QR Code can store is not relative to its physical dimensions. So that larger code in a supermarket wouldn't be able to store most data than the smaller code on a shelf. If you want to know more about how much data you can encode into a QR Code then check out How Much Data Can A QR Code Store?

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