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What Can I Store In A QR Code? - Feb 2017

QR Codes are versatile, they are able to store many different types of data. Each QR Code has a section dedicated to informing the reader what sort of data it holds. This allows for different data types to be encoded and decoded with ease. Here are some of the most common data types you will come across:

  • Contact Data – Data is stored in a contact card and can include a persons name, phone number, email address, website and others. These are ideal for inclusion on a business card allowing people a way to easily transfer details from the card into their digital devices.

  • Calendar Data – This can include a calendar appointment that can be saved directly into someones diary when scanned, a party invite could make use of this for example.

  • URL – This is simply a URL that when scanned would be used by a smartphones browser to take a user a given webpage. As an example this could be used on a food container to provide a link to a support webpage or other content

  • Email Address – This could be used to open a blank email with a predefined subject and recipient ready for the user scanning to add content and send.
  • Phone Number – A phone number that when scanned would appear directly in a phones dialer ready to dial or would be saved to the address book.

  • SMS – An new SMS could be opened ready to send to a predefined recipient.

  • Plain Text – Text can be included that may not have a predefined function but could be used by a bespoke application to carry out any given task. You can store up to 7,089 characters of numerical data or 4,296 alphanumerical characters in a standard QR Code, Micro QR Codes can hold up to 35 numeric characters and iQR Codes a massive 40,000 numerical characters.

  • Geo Location – A link to a location that when scanned, can be processed by the reader and used to give directions to an event you're promoting.

If you’re looking for examples of the above that you can actually scan, then the next page has exactly that.


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