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Who Invented QR Codes And Why? - Feb 2017

Denso-Wave - a subsidiary of the Toyota Group - are attributed with the creation of the QR Code back in 1994. Originally it was used to track parts in the vehicle manufacturing industry, but its use and scope has since grown tremendously.

One of the main objectives when creating the QR Code was to come up with a new barcode that allowed more data to be encoded without increasing the size (dimensions / surface area) of existing barcodes. This was achieved by including a second dimension. The QR Code was born.

Nokia noticed QR Codes and was the first to implemented a QR Code scanner into Mobile phones. Once mobile devices (something that almost everyone carries) were able to scan codes easily, the technology really began to gain momentum. Most Smartphone’s today have apps available that allows the average user to scan a QR Code.

QR stands for “Quick Response” as the codes were designed to very quickly present data to the scanning device. It takes only a few seconds to scan a QR Code and retrieve the data held within and most of that time is taken by your camera lenses focussing.

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