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Why Should I Learn About Them? - Feb 2017

The reason you should know about them, is that their existence is intended to make things more convenient and more interactive for you as a consumer. They simplify tasks such as getting someone’s contact details from a business card onto your phone or giving a link to digital content that may enhance an experience.

Great examples of the technology in use today are Theme Parks and Zoos where the experience is more interactive for visitors through the use of QR Codes. In these scenarios Videos and Games can be presented on visitor’s smartphones specific to the enclosure or ride they are visiting.

We now very often see QR Codes linking to additional product information on labels and food packaging as well as suggesting recipes or giving links to video product guides, customer support etc.

Another advantage for QR Codes is that they are not intrusive, a user has to scan the code to get the content and therefore its only given to them if they want it and not forced upon them.

QR Code - Supermarket As a business owner, understanding QR codes may present you with new ways to deliver your product or drive an improved customer journey. Packaging or leaflets could offer direct links to order forms, contact numbers or even discounts or competitions. An example of just that on a supermarket shelf can be seen in this image.

Because you don't require expensive dedicated hardware to read QR codes, and something as simple as a smartphone with a camera and scanner app can read QR Codes, almost everyone has the capability to read them. This makes the technology very widely accessible. Better still, the process of creating a QR Code is very simple, you don't need special hardware to create the codes, at a minimum (and if you are highly skilled) Ink and Paper could get you started, so the costs in setting up a QR Code campaign are small.

Some industries may benefit more than others as QR Codes become more and more popular. Marketing and advertising is an area where QR Codes will see the biggest impact allowing easy follow up and interaction with typically dumb objects.

The potential is huge so it's beneficial to understand what they are and how to use them so as to take advantage if you come across one or come across opportunities to implement them in your business.


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