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Where Can I Put QR Codes? - Feb 2017

You are not restricted to hosting your QR Codes on webpages or other digital media, they can be created using almost any material and placed on almost any surface. It's possible to create extremely large or small QR Codes and they are generally very cheap to create.

Its even possible to get a QR Code tattooed onto your body, yes.. some people have done just that. During our research we have seen examples of people with their contact details encoded into a QR Code and then tattooed onto their body. (lets hope they don't move home or change number any time soon). TV Adverts, newspapers and magazines are probably the most common place for a QR Code today.

Some stores such as Subway are beginning to use QR Codes as and alternative method of payment and scrapping physical store cards. The user has to log into an app on their smartphone which links to their Subway account, when the app is launched, it displays a QR Code on the users screen. This QR Code holds all the data needed for the scanners behind the till to confirm your identify and charge your account. The person on the checkout just scans the QR Code directly from your screen to complete the transaction.

Here are some of the most interesting places we found QR Codes being used.

This Dog Collar contains a lot of details about the dog and its owner. Obviously other technologies exist for identifying a pet, but engraving onto tags has limits in terms of space, and electronic tags cost money to create and cant always be read by someone in the street with a smartphone. QR Codes are a great alternative solution.

Guinness ran a promotion and created a pint glass with a QR Code on the side that when empty or filled with anything other than Guinness, is very difficult for a QR Code scanner to read. However when the Guinness is poured into the glass, due to its dark colour, it creates more of a contrast across the QR Code and allows the user to scan it easily for access to the promition.

A Pumpkin is an interesting surface to carve a QR Code into, and it would take incredible skill to carve out a QR Code that actually works

On the back of someones head, is a shaven QR Code. I've not been able to find the source of this or the reason behind it, but its certainly an interesting concept as a promotor or for a particular event, or just for fun.

Below are a collection of other QR Codes placed in various locations.

QR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In Use

QR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In UseQR Code In Use

While you can technically print/place your QR Code onto any surface, you should be mindful of the properties of the material you use. For example, if the material is easily distorted, such as if it were printed onto a flag that was blowing or hanging from a flagpole, this may make it very difficult to read with a scanner. Similarly printing onto a cylindrical object, may distort the image from the perspective of the QR Code scanner as it tries to read it and the code tapers off wrapping around the sides of the object. iQR Codes do have some features that try to overcome that, such as using rectangles rather than squares to lessen the impact of distortion on a cylindrical object.


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