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Are QR Codes Free? - Feb 2017

Yes, they are completely free to use, create and publish. You don’t need to pay any fees or gain any permission.

US Patent

The method of creating a QR Code is a patented and protected process which is owned by the creators of the QR Code (Denso Wave Incorporated). Although the process is patented, Denso Wave Incorporated allow for its use and do not exercise their rights to protect it.

For reference, the patent number in the US is 5726435, Japan is 2938338 and Europe is 0672994.

QR codes are very clearly defined and have been published as an ISO standard. The specification is available for use by any person or organisation. It is this openness that has helped grow the popularity of the QR Code.

The term "QR Code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated but an actual QR Code (the image) is not.


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