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Can A QR Code Help My Business? - Feb 2017

QR Codes bridge the gap between print and electronics and are a bit of a buzz word at the minute. The excitement of introducing QR Codes and ultimately making things more interactive or easier for your customers may not only save you time and raise customer satisfaction, but it may also generate word of mouth awareness of your business as people talk about their experience.

QR Code Poster

QR codes are perfect for loyalty schemes or bringing a modern twist to something typically uninteresting. QR codes are also a great way to share contact details with partners and clients or internally amongst members of staff. Why not have your notices link to a website or video that someone can scan off the page and view on their smart device.

There aren't any licencing costs in using QR codes and no special hardware needed to create them, you can simply use a free generator and either show then electronically or print them. Cheap but effective.

Some businesses are making use of them successfully, on this website we talk about Subway introducing them as part of their loyalty scheme and Xbox One using them to improve the user experience when entering codes for digital downloads.


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