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Do QR Codes Have Any Disadvantages? - Feb 2017

One of the main drawbacks of QR Codes is awareness's. This has vastly improved in recent years and as we start to see them appearing in magazines and our favourite stores more and more, it can only get better. Plus we have some of the biggest names in tech behind the QR Code such as Google. QR Codes have already been integrated into the key mobile smartphone platforms today, but this leads us onto the next disadvantage.

People need some sort of device to be able to use a QR Code and they also need to know how to actually use it once they have that tech. If they don’t have a QR Code reader, the code means nothing to the human eye. Thankfully almost all smartphones have the capability and unlike competing technologies, you don't need expensive hardware so even the lowest spec devices can act as readers.

For the first time smartphones have started to outsell PC's and one in three Americans are believed to own a smart device. The cost of smartphones is dropping rapidly as well which makes QR codes more and more accessible.

So the fact that you need a device to be able to read a code is a small issue now, but the good news is that almost everyone carries or in the next few years will carry, a device that can act as a scanner and we have the biggest companies in tech and high street stores now launching campaigns including QR Codes so awareness is on the up.


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