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How Many Characters / Digits Can A QR Code Store? - Feb 2017

QR Codes can store data up to a maximum of 3Kb, But how does that translate into digits or actual text?

When a QR Code is created, the user chooses the encoding that is to be used and sets the type of data that the QR Code will store. The chosen data type and encoding have a big impact on the number of characters that can be saved within the QR Code.

As an example, if you were to create a QR Code that was only to contain numerical data, then you would have the ability to encode up to 7089 digits.

If you were to create a QR Code that would store alphanumeric data, then the maximum number of characters you could store would reduce to 4296.

There are other types of QR Code that are less common but that you should be aware of, and these each have their own limitations. For example Micro QR Codes can store a lot less data (up to 35 numerical characters). iQR Codes on the other hand have much greater capacity (up to 40,000 numerical characters).

QR Code Data Capacity
Numeric Only
Max. 7089 characters
Max. 4296 characters
Binary (8 Bits)
Max. 2953 characters
This table details the maximum amount of data for each data type within a standard QR Code. Keep in mind the 20 character limit of a traditional 1 dimensional barcode.

These figures do assume that you’re able to use up all 3Kb of available space within your code, once you start to enable error correction at its various levels, it can reduce that amount of data that can be stored quite considerably. We talk about error correction more later in the technical series, or you can just straight there now.


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