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How Many People Know How To Use QR Codes? - Dec 2013

33% of Americans (as of 2013) own a smartphone that is capable of scanning a QR Code. We can't be sure how many of them actually know how to use it but awareness is growing and it isn't difficult to learn.

If we consider that over 20% of fortune 500 companies are now running campaigns that include QR Codes, it's safe to say that most people come across them regularly and each of those companies have a real interest in educating people about QR Codes benefits.

More and more sites like the one you’re reading now are also springing up and I'm also seeing hits to this site increase month on month. There is certainly an appetite both from consumers and businesses wanting to make use of them.

As a rough estimate I would say 33% of those with a smartphone are aware of how to use a QR Code and that number is increasing. As QR Codes become more common and the bigger brands start using them, money and time gets invested in educating people.


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