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The Best QR Code Generators - Feb 2017

Generating a QR Code is not difficult, and there are many free generators around online that will help you in the process. Each offer different features to the user, most of the time free of charge. You may find however that for the more complex custom codes you need to pay a company to design those for you.

We recommend the QR Generator created by XZing Project that we have embedded Here, but have chosen 3 others from around the internet that you should take a look at.

  • https://forqrcode.com/ - This website offers a relatively basic QR Code generator but is 100% free and fast. There are some levels of customisation that can be added such as changing the foreground and background colours, and of course you can create QR Codes containing all the main data type. It also supports the ability to add your logo as a watermark in the centre of the QR Code.
  • Free-QR-Code.Net http://www.free-qr-code.net/ - This QR Code generator is extremely customisable. you can not only adjust the colour of the foreground and background of your code, but you can also adjust the shape of the individual squares and positioning elements. This allows you to create a QR Code that as accurately as possible represents your brand.
  • http://goqr.me/ - Another fast and free QR Code generator, but what i personally like about this one is that the QR Code refreshes as you design it, so you can see if change as your set the preferences and type the data you want to include. Also, if you are a developer and want to include a QR Code on your own website, they offer an API to allow just that.

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