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What Are Frame QR Codes? - Feb 2017

Frame QR Codes are QR Codes that have an area set aside as a canvas during their generation for any designer to work with. This canvas area therefore gives a designer an area to include their own images, logos or messages without having to be dependant on error correction or any other trickery.

Along with other QR Codes, Frame QR Codes are also developed by Denso Wave.

The shape and size of the canvas area can be fully customised with a template however there are a number of standard shapes available as standard. These are shown below.

QR Code Frame Templates

With all of these templates, the canvas area can be moved off centre and rotated to suit your needs. You can also draw in fake modules around any image you insert in order to help blend the image and code into one.

Many other parts of the Frame QR Code can be customised during its creation, this ranges from the simple colours of elements within the code to the shape of the modules (using circles instead of squares for example).

Data in frame QR Codes is wrapped around the canvas area, and it can be protected with levels of error correction, levels L, M, Q and H are supported which offers recovery of the code when up to 30% is damaged.

The biggest drawback of Frame QR Codes is that they are not compatible with existing QR Code scanners and therefore are not as widely used. If you have a need to encode a logo or other design into a QR Code, it's recommended that you make use of standard QR Codes instead.

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