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How Do I Make A QR Code? - Feb 2017

Creating a QR Code is straight forward and won't take you more than a few minutes. There are loads of free web based generators available so it wont cost you any money to generate the code.

With most QR code generators all you need to know before you start is the type of data you plan to encode in your QR Code and the size you want the finished code to be (will you print it on a large surface or small). Then you're ready to start. Once you enter all the required data, the generators take fractions of a second to turn your requirements into a finished code.

Following generation of a QR Code, you are usually able to download a digital copy of the file to local storage, link direct to it via a unique URL, or print it off to create a physical QR Code.

One of our favourite QR Code generators can be found Here, it's simple, fast and easy to use. We also talk about some of our other favorites here


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